Our story


[ visklig; viskli ]  Proper, genuine, correct. Something “lite bättre” (slightly better).

Cheap clothes made far away are available everywhere at the expense of people and nature.

"-Thats ludacris" thought "J" and "J".

Clothes should be "slightly better". Made in Finland. VISKLIG, something "lite bättre" got its start. A couple of t-shirts were ordered.

Time and time again, "J" had to answer the question that dropped in as DM on instagram:

"What is this!? Where did you get those from !?”

The citizens became interested. There was only one option. Visklig clothing must be made available to everyone.

Visklig clothes, that are slightly better, was something that the crowd needed.

Someone needed to respond to the humanitys cry for help.

"Where are the VISKLIG clothes that we desperately need?".

The citizens became impatient, but good things come to those who wait. After a long time, the thirst could finally be quenched.

Slightly better clothes for the people had emerged.

VISKLIG. Made in Finland. Designed in Borgå.