Flamma Yellow

Flamma Yellow

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Made in Finland VISKLIG Flamma Yellow Merino wool Beanie

VISKLIG Flamma, Mulesing-free 100% merino wool beanie

The Made in Finland VISKLIG Flamma merino wool beanie makes every head lite bättre!

The beanie is suitable for both urban chilling and forest wandering, keeping the head warm in all weathers.

Merino wool binds heat better than regular wool, both as dry and wet. In most cases, just airing the beanie between wears is excellent for cleaning, as merino wool does not absorb odours as easy as other materials, such as cotton.

When you put the VISKLIG Flamma beanie on your head, you know you’re part of something better.

Made in Yli-Ullava, Finland, from Mulesing free, 100% merino wool.

The artificial leather patch is made in Lahti, Finland. No raw materials of animal origin have been used in the manufacturing process.

VISKLIG Flamma Merino wool beanie is warmly lite bättre.

The beanies are sewn in Yli-Ullava, Finland, from where they are delivered to VISKLIG's warehouse in Porvoo, from where the beanies are then sent to the consumer.

The merino wool used in our products is mulesing free in quality. The origin of the fibre is mainly South Africa. Small amounts of fibre may also come from South America, Australia and New Zealand, from mulesing-free sources. The parasite that nests in the folds of merino sheep, which the mulesing procedure, which is painful for the sheep, seeks to prevent, does not occur in South Africa, as a result of which all South African merino wool is certainly mulesing-free.

The yarn is spun in Lithuania and dyed in Italy. After this, the yarn arrives in Finland at Yli-Ullava to be knitted, where after the beanies themselves are made from the knits.

The merino wool yarn used in the beanies is not only mulesing-free, but also Oeko-Tex® 100-standardized.

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