Nordic wit. Finnish grit.

Nordic wit. Finnish grit.

At Visklig, sustainability is not merely a commitment but a promise to future generations. Join us as we lead the way in creating a sustainable, prosperous, and inclusive world for all.

In the Nordics, responsibility for our cherished environment is paramount. The beanie factory's location, nestled next to the picturesque Rahkonen ridge in a groundwater area, is subject to stringent monitoring and restrictions. This location proves ideal for the textile industry when operations are meticulously planned from inception to completion. Prudent measures minimize environmental impact, ensuring that raw materials, energy, and water are used only when necessary. The fabric finishing process employs steaming instead of methods like washing, resulting in significant water conservation.

We are committed to adhering to Finnish laws and regulations, providing fair compensation to the makers of Visklig beanies in line with industry standards, including holiday entitlements. Our workplace conditions are conducive, and the company holds valid agreements with a pension insurance company, an insurance company, and occupational health care providers. Even if these are self-evident things in Finland, they might not be that somewhere else. By manufacturing the products in Finland we can ensure that things are done in an adequate manner.

Our beanies are crafted from certified raw materials supplied by European industrial thread manufacturers. Cutting waste generated during production is recycled for reuse, including in the manufacturing of oil spill mats. Whenever feasible, we prioritize sourcing small accessories from Finland, supporting local suppliers.

We firmly believe in the profitability and responsibility of the textile industry in Finland, both now and in the future. We gladly contribute to the country's tax revenue and actively engage in advancing a sustainable domestic textile industry.

By choosing Visklig products and endorsing our initiatives, you play a vital role in building a greener and fairer world.

VISKLIG-merino wool

The merino wool used in our products is mulesing free in quality. The origin of the fibre is mainly South Africa. Small amounts of fibre may also come from South America, Australia and New Zealand, from mulesing-free sources. The parasite that nests in the folds of merino sheep, which the mulesing procedure, which is painful for the sheep, seeks to prevent, does not occur in South Africa, as a result of which all South African merino wool is certainly mulesing-free.

The merino wool yarn used in the merino wool beanies  is spun in Lithuania and dyed in Italy. After this, the yarn arrives in Finland at Yli-Ullava to be knitted, where after the beanies themselves are made from the knits.

The merino wool yarn used in the tube scarves is spun in Romania. The knit is knitted in Finland in Orivesi and finished and dyed in Hämeenkyrö. The tubes are then sewn in Kangasala.

The merino wool yarn used in the beanies and tube scarves is not only mulesing-free, but also Oeko-Tex® 100-standardized.