Responsibly lite bättre

Responsibly "lite bättre" (slightly better)

All VISKLIG Products are manufactured in Finland. This gives the consumers the opportunity to support Finnish work and the Finnish textile industry. The Finnish production also ensures that the manufacturing process has occurred with respect for both people and the environment. In addition, when the production takes place nearby, we can easily pay a visit to the textile workers who make the VISKLIG garments.

VISKLIG products are not mass-produced, but produced on demand. This way, the products also remain unique.

We strive to provide our customers with basic clothing that lasts a long time, is timeless and represents something other than transient fads or “fast fashion”.

VISKLIG. Responsibly "lite bättre" (slightly better).


The cotton knits used in VISKLIG garments are all made and dyed in Finland. Knitting takes place in Orivesi, and dyeing in Nokia. The knitwear has been awarded the Oeko-Tex® standard 100, class II (products with high skin contact), which guarantees that the knitwear is made without harmful chemicals that could be harmful to humans, animals or the environment. Organic cotton is used for knitting, which is both cultivated and spun into yarn in Turkey.

The organic cotton yarn we use has been awarded the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate. In addition to the environmental friendliness of production, the certificate also covers human and animal welfare issues. GOTS certification can only be granted for organic cotton.

When the cotton and yarn is produced in Turkey and the rest of the work is done in Finland, the production chain remains short. The shorter the production chain is, the easier it is for us to ensure the transparency of the chain, and the better you, as a consumer, can be confident that the products will be manufactured without additional and long transportations, which would in turn unnecessarily burden the environment.

VISKLIG-merino wool

The merino wool used in our products is mulesing free in quality. The origin of the fibre is mainly South Africa. Small amounts of fibre may also come from South America, Australia and New Zealand, from mulesing-free sources. The parasite that nests in the folds of merino sheep, which the mulesing procedure, which is painful for the sheep, seeks to prevent, does not occur in South Africa, as a result of which all South African merino wool is certainly mulesing-free.

The merino wool yarn used in the merino wool beanies  is spun in Lithuania and dyed in Italy. After this, the yarn arrives in Finland at Yli-Ullava to be knitted, where after the beanies themselves are made from the knits.

The merino wool yarn used in the tube scarves is spun in Romania. The knit is knitted in Finland in Orivesi and finished and dyed in Hämeenkyrö. The tubes are then sewn in Kangasala.

The merino wool yarn used in the beanies and tube scarves is not only mulesing-free, but also Oeko-Tex® 100-standardized.